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Headteacher - Mrs V Wilson

Home learning


At Dunsville we value the importance of home learning and the positive impact it has on a child’s progress in their learning journey.


Our home learning approach aims to:

-Give children responsibility for their own learning.

-Provide children with choice and stimulate their interests, ideas and creativity.

-Widen the curriculum and build upon learning experiences occurring in school.

-Encourage parents and carers to engage and enjoy learning with their child.

-Be flexible in giving children and parents/ carers time to complete high quality learning around family life.

-Allow children to share their home learning with their peers and feel a sense of achievement and pride.

 Here are some pictures of our children sharing their fantastic home learning with each other !

Parent response linked to home learning.

“My child loved getting involved and doing homework at the weekend. Making animals and getting messy is what he likes to do. I am happy with the system in place.” (FS2 parent/carer)


“This new approach is definitely helping my child progress. We really appreciate the effort and continued support.” (Y1 parent/carer)


“The option to choose from a variety of activities has definitely appealed more to my child and has made encouraging him to complete homework a much easier task!” (Y2 parent/carer)


“My child enjoyed being able to choose what activities to do. It was easy to choose shorter activities for busier weekend. We would also start one activity before another which stopped my child from getting bored.”  (Y2 parent/carer)


“My child didn’t need telling to do her homework. She would choose an activity and happily complete it.” (Y5 parent/carer)


Take a look at the WONDERFUL home learning happening across school!

Take a look at the WONDERFUL home learning happening across school!

Don't forget...


  • Please ensure your child reads at home regularly.  
  • Spellings and timetables are given out weekly in KS1 and KS2. Please support your child with learning these.

Rockstar Timetables!!!