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Religious Education

Dunsville Primary uses the Doncaster agreed syllabus to teach R.E. The updated Doncaster syllabus was introduced in April 2019 and has been used consistently in all year groups since September 2019. R.E teaching is also supported by the use of planning documents produced by R.E today. R.E is taught in a range of different ways using the children’s reading and writing skills as well as skills from across the curriculum such as drama and art work. The agreed syllabus requires that all pupils learn from Christianity in each key stage. In addition, pupils will learn about the principal religions represented in the UK, in line with the law. Worldviews, including Humanism, are also the focus for study in some year groups. We aim to inspire and challenge the children by providing them with an insight into a range of different religions. 

Our R.E curriculum is inclusive of all and includes visits to places of worship and visits to school by leaders of different faiths. It is a parent's right to withdraw their child from a R.E visit but in doing so the onus is placed on the parent to educate their child about that faith. We would strongly advise against it as the child will be unable to contribute to their curriculum work in the same way.

Religious Education Documents

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