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Social Networking

Below are some useful links and information to help keep your children safe in regards to social networking. Also try out the link below for a government-produced parent’s guide for children who are using social media.


Child Safety Online - Electronic Guide 

Young People & Social Networking Sites: Aims to help parents understand the positive and creative ways young people are using social networking spaces (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). It also points out the potential risks of using these sites and ways to minimise these risks.

Facebook Family Safety Centre: Specifically set up by Facebook in order to listen to its community. This website has a series of policies, tools and resources to help us all stay safe whilst using Facebook.

Facebook Checklist: A free guide produced by the UK Safer Internet Centre that contains detailed instructions and information on privacy and account settings on Facebook.

Instagram Help Centre: Specifically set up by Instagram in order to support parents and users. This website has guidance, tutorials, resources and support to keep us all safe whilst using Instagram.

Twitter Help Centre: Like the help centres for Facebook and Instagram, this website works in the same way, by supporting users through resources and guidance to keep you safe whilst using Twitter.