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Dunsville Primary School

Working as one to achieve excellence through enjoyment

Headteacher - Mrs V Wilson


At Dunsville Primary School, we teach French in KS2 as a modern foreign language, as a large proportion of our children can practise this when they visit French speaking countries on their holidays. The teachers in KS2 deliver French lessons in line with the expectations of the National Curriculum. The French curriculum is designed to integrate the three pillars: phonics, vocabulary and grammar. 

Intent Statement

At Dunsville Primary School, it is our intent for pupils in key stage two to receive a high quality and enjoyable education in a modern foreign language. We want pupils to develop language-learning skills, which they will be able to take to secondary school and beyond. We intend to teach French lessons, which develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, integrating the three pillars of vocabulary, grammar and phonics. Pupils also develop their understanding of French traditions and cultures throughout the school year. Through engaging and interactive lessons, pupils will be able to contribute fully, meeting the needs of the National Curriculum. It is intended that all teachers are keen to develop their own skills in order to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, and encourage pupils to use their language skills throughout the school day. This will enable pupils to transfer new words learnt into their long-term memory. At Dunsville Primary School, we intend to encourage all pupils to participate in lessons, through careful consideration of questioning, modelling, scaffolding and resources available. We strive to teach pupils how to communicate effectively in French, and to provide them with the vocabulary and love of language learning that will continue after primary school.