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Headteacher - Mrs V Wilson

Amber Class

Hello, and welcome to Nursery

We hope you enjoy looking through our class page!

In nursery, we are always excited to take your children on the first steps of their learning journey and aim for this to be a happy time for both you and them.

Our focus is to encourage the children to learn through their play and exploration. Together with the Reception class and as part of the Foundation Stage Unit, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which enables your child to take part in fun, exciting activities catered to their individual needs and interests.

Here are some pictures of the nursery classroom and the children's home for the year.

 Take a look at what we have been getting up to each term!

Autumn 1

"One little dot marks the beginning of Vashti's journey of learning that she 'can' draw."

To start our topic 'Amazing Me' we read the book 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds

This encouraged the children to talk about themselves, share the things they are good at and explore what makes them special. 

To celebrate the start of the book, we held a 'Dot Day' and the children came dressed in their best dotty and spotty clothes.

All of the children throughout the day were very engaged and willing to challenge themselves to make dots in lots of different ways.  Dots were being made everywhere, from rolling the playdough, to painting with cotton buds and using large chalks on the playground. 

 We now have our very own picture gallery in our classroom inspired by the book.

What do you think?

We also took advantage of the beautiful autumnal weather during the term and learnt about how our outdoor environment changes in Autumn. We went on an autumn walk up to our wildlife area to see what we could find and collect. It was lots of fun and the children collected many autumn artefacts. Our bag was full of leaves, conkers and pine cones. When we arrived back at the classroom, the children wanted to explore the different leaves they had found and had a go at sorting them by colour. This inspired the children to do some leaf printing using the colours of the leaves they had collected. 

The leaves were then added to our class 'season's tree'

Autumn 2

"When aliens fly down to Earth, they don't come to meet YOU!  They simply want your underpants...I bet you never knew!!

As part of our topic 'In the night sky,' we read the book 'Aliens Love Underpants' by Claire Freedman. It was a great book to read and the children found it very funny!       

 However, the term began with a very strange alien spaceship crashed landed into our classroom and made a very big mess! They left us a message on their control panel to let us know they were friendly aliens but they needed our help to fix the spaceship back together. 

Therefore, dressed in our best alien costumes (as part of our ‘alien day’) we set to work trying to fix the pieces together. It was a success! 

From this story we talked about of all the activities we would like to do and one of them was making our own aliens and underpants! 

We also had a go at ‘Frieze framing’ parts of the story too!

We picked our favourite pages from the book and marked out a stage on the carpet using tape and then we used actions to show what the characters we doing in each page.

It was lots of fun!

 'Stomp, chomp, big roars… come the dinosaurs!'

Spring 1 

It is the start of our Dinosaur topic and the children have got a very important job to do - they are in charge of looking after some very special eggs!!

On arrival to the classroom, the children were met with a terrible mess!!!

They spent time exploring the mess and found some key clues; bones, a very big and sharp tooth and two large eggs.

The children used the clues very well to predict what had been in our classroom and came to the conclusion that it was a dinosaur that had visited our classroom

and laid the eggs.

We talked together about how we should look after the eggs and keep them safe.

The children were very eager to share their ideas and came up with some very good ones. 

In the end, we decided to make a nest for the eggs.

Our Dinosaurs hatched!!!

The children were SO excited when they noticed the eggs had cracked and inside lay two dinosaurs.

They instantly wanted to find out which dinosaurs they were and learn some facts about them. 

We looked through a collection of dinosaur books together and found that they matched up to a 'Triceratops' and a 'Stegosaurus'.

We used this information to help label the parts of our dinosaurs.

The children were keen to look after them and keep them safe and so, we decided to make some signs to tell everyone to “Be careful” and “Don’t touch.”

The children were very sad to see the dinosaurs go, as they had become part of the classroom during this term's topic!

Spring 2

Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken.......lay a little egg for me!!

When the children arrived back at nursery after the half term holidays, they noticed we had some visitors to foundation - 11 round and shiny eggs!  What could be inside?

The children watched the eggs hatch and were very excited to see them grow and change and become 11 fluffy chicks! 

Together we learnt about the different stages of the life cycle and took pictures everyday to go on our 'Chick timeline' 

After having the chicks, we moved onto reading and exploring the Traditional TaleThe Little Red Hen

This was a perfect story to read and there was lots of learning to be had by the children. 

Our learning began with a special delivery - a parcel addressed to nursery.

We quickly opened the parcel to find a fresh loaf of bread, a copy of the story and a letter from The Little Red Hen herself, asking the children if they would like to taste some of the bread she had made 'all by herself'. 

After tasting the bread, the children were keen to read the story. 

After reading the story, the children took part in frieze framing key parts of the book.

We marked out a stage on the carpet and took it in turns to choose a picture to act out.

Next, we used pictures from book to help sequence the story and create our own story map.

Once we had created our map, we used it to orally retell the story using talk 4 writing actions.

 A 3D copy of the story was set-up in small world along with characters from the book for the children to have a go at retelling the story in their own way.

This was very popular during choosing time.

To finish off our learning of the story, we all had a go at making our own bread. 

It was lots of fun learning how to knead the dough, but the best part was getting to eat what we had made!

Take a look at what else the children got up to based around the book!

 Thank you for taking the time to explore our page

Miss Wood

(Class teacher)