Broadway, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN7 4HX


Dunsville Primary School

Working as one to achieve excellence through enjoyment

Headteacher - Mrs V Wilson


Here is a list of all of our current staff:
Head Teacher - Mrs Vicky Wilson
Deputy Head Teacher - Mr Jamie Schofield
Assistant Head Teacher - Miss Sarah Harrison


Class Teachers
Mrs Susie Schofield - Turquoise Class (Year 5/6)
Miss Leighanne Mawson - Topaz Class (Year 5/6)
Mr Josh Cope - Sapphire Class (Year 5/6)
Mr Tom Wilson - Pearl Class (Year 3/4)
Miss Olivia Flannery - Opal Class (Year 3/4)
Miss Sarah Harrison - Garnet Class (Year 2)
Mrs Rachel Fuller - Emerald Class (Year 1/2)
Mrs Brenda Shaw - Diamond Class (Year 1)
Miss Megan Thomas - Aquamarine Class (Foundation Stage 2) and SENDCO
Miss Lucy Wicks - Amber Class (Foundation Stage 1)
Mrs Sue Cording
Miss Fiona Fenton
Mrs Joanne Powell
Support Staff
Mrs Alison Brown
Mrs Joanne Credland
Mrs Lindy Munro
Mrs Joanne Outram
Mrs Ellen Stewart
Mrs Kerry Waggott


Office Staff
School Business Manager - Mrs Kristylee Denton 
Office Manager - Mrs Ann Gale
Office Assistant - Miss Nicky Parker


Site Manager
Mr Mick Dunphy


Midday Supervisors
Senior - Mrs Tammy Bennett
Miss Laura Atterbury
Mrs Joanne Credland
Mrs Linda McNulty
Mrs Zoe Mitchell
Mrs Rebecca Moore-Bevan
Mrs Lauren Shotton
Mrs Kerry Waggott
Miss Katie Wright


Kitchen Staff
School Cook - Miss Anne-Marie Wilson
Kitchen Assistant - Miss Natalie Bennett
Kitchen Assistant - Miss Sonia Jackson


Breakfast Club Supervisors
Miss Tammy Bennett
Miss Lindy Munro 
Mrs Kerry Waggott
Miss Katie Wright