Broadway, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN7 4HX


Dunsville Primary School

Working as one to achieve excellence through enjoyment

Headteacher - Mrs V Wilson


Here is a list of all of our current staff:
Head Teacher - Mrs Vicky Wilson
Deputy Head Teacher - Mr Jamie Schofield
Assistant Head Teacher - Miss Sarah Harrison


Class Teachers
Mrs Susie Schofield - Turquoise Class (Year 5/6)
Mr Tom Wilson - Topaz Class (Year 5/6)
Miss Olivia Flannery - Pearl Class (Year 3/4)
Miss Leighanne Mawson - Opal Class (Year 3/4)
Miss Sarah Harrison - Garnet Class (Year 2)
Miss Megan Bulmer - Emerald Class (Year 1/2)
Mrs Berni Wynne & Mrs Brenda Shaw - Diamond Class (Year 1)


Miss Lucy Wicks - Aquamarine Class (Foundation Stage 2) 
Miss Megan Thomas & Mrs Brenda Shaw - Amber Class (Foundation Stage 1) 
Mrs Sue Cording
Mrs Joanne Powell  
Miss Megan Thomas
Support Staff
Miss Laura Atterbury
Mrs Joanne Credland
Miss Carly Emery
Miss Jaden-Brooke Frost
Mrs Lindy Munro
Mrs Ellen Stewart
Mrs Kerry Waggott


Office Staff
School Business Manager - Mrs Kristylee Denton 
Office Manager - Mrs Ann Gale
Admin Assistant - Mrs Claire O'Sullivan


Site Manager
Mr Mick Dunphy


Midday Supervisors
Senior - Mrs Tammy Bennett
Miss Laura Atterbury
Mrs Joanne Credland
Mrs Katie Hall
Mrs Linda McNulty
Mrs Zoe Mitchell
Mrs Lauren Shotton
Mrs Kerry Waggott


Kitchen Staff
School Cook - Miss Anne-Marie Wilson
Kitchen Assistant - Miss Shirley Ann Gravel
Kitchen Assistant - Miss Sonia Jackson


Breakfast Club Supervisors
Mrs Tammy Bennett
Mrs Lindy Munro 
Mrs Kerry Waggott