Broadway, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN7 4HX


Dunsville Primary School

Working as one to achieve excellence through enjoyment

Headteacher - Mrs V Wilson


Here at Dunsville Primary School, we are devoted to providing a safe friendly environment where all children feel supported and

nurtured. The calm, positive learning environment throughout school enables all children to achieve excellence through enjoyment.

Going for Gold!

At Dunsville Primary School, we are constantly striving for success! Our whole school behaviour system encourages positive behaviour with praise and rewards.

All children start each day on the colour blue. If children make the right behaviour choices and follow the school rules, they are able to move their name up to green. Throughout the day, if children continue to demonstrate positive attitude and behaviour, they are able to move their names up to gold!

If children are able to reach gold three times in a week, they are provided with a special golden ticket. All golden tickets are entered into boxes with a chance to win a prize!

At the end of each week, a celebration assembly is held to celebrate success and behaviour. During this assembly, a child from both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two is drawn from the golden ticket box and prizes are won!


For further information, please read Dunsville Primary School’s behaviour policy below.

Sticker Assembly 

Providing opportunities to promote and encourage children’s positive attitudes is a key part of Dunsville Primary School. Each week, a

sticker assembly is held where children throughout school are nominated by teaching staff to earn a golden sticker. Children can be

nominated for a range of reasons, such as demonstrating a positive attitude towards learning or being an excellent friend to others.

When nominated, children are presented with a golden sticker by our Head Teacher, Mrs Wilson!