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Topaz Class

Hello! I hope you are all keeping safe at home.


Learning online with Seesaw


 Please continue to access Seesaw for your home learning.
On the Seesaw app you will be able to see daily activities and helpful videos with examples. Seesaw also allows you to upload your work. I am excited to see what you have been getting up to!


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Keep logging onto Seesaw to continue reading Stormbreaker. Here are chapters 16 and 17 for you. 

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Monday 13th July

English 1
Can you match the ice cream to the correct cone? They should make words which require hyphens between them, like pig-headed.
Good luck!

English 2
Let's play 'Odd one out!'
There are 10 questions, each with four different pictures. Choose which one you think is the odd one out. Don't just think about the colours in the pictures.
The answers will be revealed later on using Seesaw. 


Please complete the two activities below. 

Tuesday 14th July

English activity 1
Let's have a go at matching synonyms! Can you match the correct t-shirts and shorts?
Write the synonym pairs on the template.

English activity 2
Let's have a go at writing sentences. For the first activity, you need to write active sentences about the pictures. Try to include at least one adjective, adverb and information about when or where in each sentence.
For an extra challenge - can you write passive sentences for the next few sentences?
Example of a passive sentence:
The children were surrounded by lions.

Maths Activity 

Today we are going to complete a colour coded decimal addition and subtraction activity. Calculate the answer and then colour in the answer.

Wednesday 15th July

General Knowledge Quiz!
Let's have a go at a quiz today! There are lots of different categories, so try to do as many as you can.
Questions 21 and 22 are really tricky, so here are a couple of clues:
21) Think of a writer from hundreds of years ago.
22) She is someone that you might have learnt about in key stage one. She was often called 'The Lady with the Lamp'.
Good luck! The answers will be revealed later on Seesaw!


Today we are going to be solving problems. Have a try of these word problems! 

Thursday 16th July 


Today there are two tasks to complete, can you break the codes using your mathematical knowledge? 


Art activity
Can you design your very own beach towel?
Be as creative as you like! Are you going to use patterns or pictures?
Have fun with it!

Let's have a go at a word activity! How many words can you make from the grid?

Friday 17th July

If you were to write a letter to your younger self about what primary school was like, what would you write?
What advice would you give your younger self?
What things would you tell them to look forward to?
Would you tell them to change anything?

PSHE activity
Now it is the end of the year! What are you looking forward to doing in the summer holidays? Please share with us what you are hoping to do.
You could write or draw about it if you like.