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Ruby Class

Hello! I hope you are all keeping safe at home.

We have now been using Seesaw for a couple of weeks now. Please continue to access Seesaw for your home learning.
On the Seesaw app you will be able to see daily activities and helpful videos with examples. 

If you need any help please email:

Here are some additional activities (scroll down) that you may wish to do at home this week. Please choose at least three activities to try and upload to Seesaw.


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Wednesday 1st July

1.7.2020 English
Good morning!

Today, we are going to continue on our theme of persuasion. Before we start writing our own adverts for persuasion, it is important that we know what to include.

Please read the activity instructions, which are on the next page, carefully.

For each bullet point, you need to pick an example from the model text that matches. The ones in purple are there as an example.

I have attached the model text for you to look back through.


1.7.2020 Maths
L.O. To converted between different metric units.

Toda we are going to continue converting between different measures. To help us do this, we will use our knowledge of division, multiplication and place value.

Starter: Flash back four activity
Main: Work through the questions below to convert between the different measures.
Plenary: Can you solve the challenge on the final page.


Well done for keeping up with your home learning, you are doing brilliantly.


Tuesday 7th July

Tuesday 7.7.2020 – Maths
L.O. To convert between units of time.

Good Morning,

Today we are going to be revising your knowledge of time facts linking to seconds, minutes, hours and days in a month.
I have created a poster with the key facts on that you can use to help you today.

Today’s tasks:
• Starter - Flash back 4
• Main – Time conversion questions
• Plenary – Challenge questions.


Good morning!

Today, we are going to start writing your persuasive advert for your own gadget. Remember to use your plan from yesterday to help structure your writing.

Things we have also done to help you:
• The original model text we used – The Multi-Function Mobile Phone
• The toolkit created for persuasion
• The diagram you drew
• The vocabulary we learned from the model
• And most importantly, your plan.

Today you need to write:
• Punch title
• Opening hook (short paragraph)
• List main features in persuasive manner



7.7.2020 Grammar - Fronted adverbials
L.O. To include fronted adverbials in my writing.

Today, we are going to use our knowledge from yesterday's lesson to create some sentences using fronted adverbials.

On the template, you will see lots of example pictures to use to create sentences with. I would like you to create a minimum of six sentences starting with a range of different fronted adverbial openers. You can choose which pictures from the template.