Broadway, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN7 4HX


Dunsville Primary School

Working as one to achieve excellence through enjoyment

Headteacher - Mrs V Wilson

Aquamarine Class

Remote Learning Timetable

Previous home learning can be found here:

 HOME LEARNING - week 1.docxDownload
 HOME LEARNING - week 10.docxDownload
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The doubling problems for week 7...

 Doubling problems - week 7.pdfDownload
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The following documents are for the Week 4 previous home learning...

 29th April.PNGDownload
 Monday 27th April.PNGDownload
 The snail and the rain - 28th Arpil.pdfDownload
 Thursday 30th April.PNGDownload
 Wider curriculum 1 - 27th April.jpgDownload
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The following documents are for the Week 3 previous home learning...

 letter rhymes.jpgDownload
 T-T-5145-Minibeasts-What-Am-I-Interactive-Powerpoint-Game_ver_1 Wednesday 22nd April.pptDownload
 The frog jumps into the pond with a big splash..PNGDownload
 Tuesday 20th April.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 20th April.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 21st April.pdfDownload
 Weds 22nd April.PNGDownload
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