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Aquamarine Class

Hello everyone,

I will be uploading three sessions onto this page each day; a phonics activity, a literacy/writing activity and a maths activity.

Please note that I believe that the most important thing at this time is keeping yourself and your families safe. From a school point of view I would like to stress the upmost importance on reading and writing. As many of you observed our phonics sessions last week you would have seen that the children are building up their stamina when applying their phonics knowledge to their writing. Daily reading and practising your child's phonics sounds is very important in terms of their future reading and writing.

I hope to upload some videos on to EExAT over the next couple of days showing the flashcards that we use in school so your child can watch the video and practise the sounds with me. Please feel free to leave any comments on EExAT and I will reply to each of you as I can. 

Thank you so much for your support, 


I hope to see you all soon, 


Miss Thomas

PS. Last week we sent out an envelope with the following in:

  • A set of flashcards (speedy sounds)
  • A grapheme mat (sound mat)
  • A list of tricky words
  • A list of high frequency words
  • Part-part-whole mat
  • A ten frame

Please keep them safe as I will be referring to them over the next few weeks. 

I have uploaded all of this weeks work below. If you have questions please send them to  Please continue to send us your home learning via your EExAT account, we are all enjoying seeing what you are getting up to at this time. Click the link below to take you straight to the site! 

Monday 30th March 

Good morning everyone...I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your weekend..thank you for continuing to send all of your home learning to us - we are really enjoying seeing it all...let’s start with our brain gym activity…

During your phonics sessions if there are any sounds you have forgotten, send me a picture on EExAT and I'll send you a video response of the pronunciation of the sound and some words as examples.


It’s time to practise your speedy sounds – you have two choices today either use your speedy flashcards or log on to Phonics play and play the racing car flashcard game!

login: march20 password: home (click on the Phase 3 tab to revise all the sounds we have learnt this year!)

After you have had a go at you speedy sounds write the tricky words: so, said


Then, can you login to Classroom secrets and have a go at playing the Phase 4 – phonics match words to pictures game 2


Reading sentence substitution:

The man burnt the toast – your grown up can write the follow sentence for you to read or follow the link to get the sentence online and the words that you can move to substitute.

Here are the words to substitute: towel, Girl, milk, brings




This week I would like you to use your story map to write up the opening of the story ‘The three little pigs’. In school we would write up our story over the week. Therefore, this Literacy activity will be the same for the rest of the week giving you the opportunity to add a couple of sentences per day. I do not expect the children to write the whole story up, just the opening.


All children will be able to write the opening of the story using their phonics knowledge to sound out. They will be able to use their sound mat for support and tricky word mats too to help them.  

For example I would expect all children to write,

Once upon a time there lived three little pigs. They decided to build their own homes. The first pig built a straw house. The second pig build a stick house. The last pig built a brick house. (or however they choose to write their opening in their own words)


Some children will challenge themselves to write the opening of the story but add in extra details for example,

Once upon a time there lived three little pigs. They decided to build their own homes. The first little pig built a straw house but the big bad wolf came along. “little pig little pig let me come in” “not by the hair on my chinny chin chin I will not let you in” “then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”


Please remember the children will write use phonetically plausible words, phrases and sentences for example,

Wuns a pon a tighm there livd three little pigs. They disided to bild theair own homs.


Please allow them some time to sound out the words on their own rather than copying the words. Also, I would not expect the children to use any sort of punctuation at this stage, however some children will demarcate their sentences with a full stop or a question mark because it has been modelled briefly in phonics.




We are going to pause our number work but don’t throw away your counters because you will need them after half term! This week in Maths, we are going to look at pattern and shape by doing lots of hunting around our homes and gardens. Can you remember what 2d shapes are? “2d shapes are flat and not fat!”

I would like you to draw the 2d shapes that you know in your book in a column to the left hand side of your book. E.g. circle, square, oblong, triangle,

You might challenge yourself to add – semi-circle, pentagon, hexagon,

Can you go on a 2d shape hunt? Using the pictures that you have drawn can you make a tally to show how many of the different 2d shapes you can find in your home.

 Tuesday 31st March


Hello everyone, here is today’s brain gym activity…



It’s time to practise your speedy sounds

Can you write the tricky words: he, she, we (or revise the Phase 4 tricky words by playing tricky word trucks


For today’s phonics session, I would like to you to read one of the online comics on the link below.

Pink stage books – choose a Phase 2 comic

Red stage books – Phase 3 comics

Yellow stage – choose a phase 4 comic


LINK to comics:


Have fun reading!





Please see Monday’s session and continue to work on your story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’

Please remember to re-read your writing to check that it makes sense!



Today in Maths I would like you to make a 2d shape picture – you can do this however you like for example, you might choose to use different sticks in your garden and make a natural art piece, you might paint, cut and stick, draw – it’s up to you! I look forward to seeing your creativity! 


Wednesday 1st April 

Happy Wednesday everyone, let’s start with our brain gym exercise to wake us up…



It’s time to practise your speedy sounds

How many tricky words can you write in a minute? BE QUICK! I, no, go, to, the, she, he, we, me, be, …..can you think of any more?

Today I have put a link to Obb and Bob for you to have a go at playing. Remember, Bob eats the real words and Obb eats the alien words!

After that, can you have a go at writing the following words:

Phase 3: bedroom, cairn, boxer,

Phase 4: frown, grasp, blank,

Challenge: twisting, driftwood, scrunch,

Write and respond:

Can you write the following sentence and write the answer?

Can letters have stamps stuck on them?



Please see Monday’s session and continue to work on your story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’



Today we will be looking at 3d shapes! What are 3d shapes? “3d shapes are fat and not flat”

We know the 3d shapes: cone, sphere, cylinder, cuboid, cube, pyramid


Today is another hunt around your home that we all know very well by now! What 3d shapes can you find in your home! Why don’t you draw the objects that you find and write what 3d shape it is. Some of you might even begin to describe the properties of 3d shapes using the terms: edges, vertices and faces!


Remember it is okay for the children's writing to be 'phonetically plausible' 

e.g. candle (candl)      cylinder (silina)

Thursday 2nd April 

Good morning boys, girls and grown ups, here is today’s brain gym…



It’s time to practise your speedy sounds

Can you write the tricky words: me, be


Today we are going to practise the trigraph ‘ear’ – tell your grown up what is a trigraph? 3 letters making 1 sound! Can you write ‘ear’ at the top of your book.


Can you write the following ‘ear’ words – beard, near, gear, dear

If you would like to challenge yourself try and put the words in a sentence.


Write a sentence for the picture below:




Please see Monday’s session and continue to work on your story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’




Today in Maths I would like you to look at patterns in your garden or homes.


Can you make some repeating patterns e.g. grass, daisy, grass, daisy - stone, stone, stick, stone, stone, stick...


You can have a go at printing using paint with the natural materials or you might choose to just explore the different patterns that different shape leaves make when you print!


Friday 3rd March 

Week 2 of home school - complete! 

Good morning everyone, here is today’s morning brain gym…



It’s time to practise your speedy sounds

Today I would like you to do on a tricky word DASH in your garden or house – Write some Phase 4 tricky words on some paper or using chalk in your garden. Ask your grown up read one of the words aloud and the



Re-read your work today to your grown up! You should be super proud of yourselves!



An Easter story!


Draw your own Easter egg and add a pattern onto it! Will it be a repeating pattern? Will your pattern by symmetrical? Will it include different animal patterns on?



Have a lovely Easter everyone! We will not be uploading any Phonics, Literacy and Maths work over the next two weeks.  Please check back in on the 20th April to see what we will be getting to next term. You can still send me bits on EExAT over the holidays if you would like to! Have a great break everyone and please all keep yourselves safe!


Miss Thomas :)

Previous home learning can be found here: