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Daily activities

Each day you'll find a new set of daily activities to get involved with. These are set to support your child in developing their learning whilst they are aware from school. 

Please join in and support your child in their development wherever you can.

Don't worry about recreating school at home, the key to success is being flexible and finding a routine that works for you.

Remember, play is also a significant element to your child's learning and at this stage, they will be constantly learning while they play.

Leave time for a bit of choosing time in your daily routine and encourage your child to develop their own ideas, problem solving skills, inventiveness and imagination. 

Please login to the SEESAW app to view home learning. If you are unable to login then please email us on: to let us know.

Thank you. 

Monday 13th July

Brain gym:

 Good morning!

Let's get our bodies moving and grooving with 'Footloose' -


This week, we are going to be recapping some initial letters sounds.

Moving into Reception, the children will be exploring letters and their sounds.

A set of letters will be taught to the children each week.

Today, I would like you to click the link and join in with the 'alphablocks'.

I would like you to join in and copy the alphablocks as they sound out each letters of the alphabet.

Can you copy the correct pronunciation of each of the letters?

Communication and language:

 For the last week of the term we have put together a few different mini-beast activities for you to have fun doing!

Who doesn't love a cheerful ladybird? This fun activity is great for little ones.

You just need a potato, paints and paper.

Watch our video to see what to do then get creative.

You can even experiment and make other creatures like bumblebees, woodlice or shield bugs.

You could even link it to maths by making a symmetrical ladybird!

Tuesday 14th July 

Brain gym:

Good morning,

Let's blast off into space for today's brain gym


This week in phonics, we are going to be playing the game 'I Spy'

I would like you to try and spy objects that begin with different letter sounds.

Today we are going to look at the phonemes 's' and 'a'

Use the picture attached to see if you can spy any objects that begin with these letters.

Communication and language:

 Head into the garden and see if you can gather some long, straight sticks to make your own relaxing woodland wind chime.

You can even paint the sticks bright colours if they’d like to.

Then tie some string around each one and hang them from a branch.

Different lengths of string will look most effective – as long as your sticks are near enough to hit each other.

Now listen… The wood makes a lovely, rhythmic soothing sound as the different lengths knock together in the breeze.

Wednesday 15th July 

 Brain gym:

Can you be a robot as part of our brain gym today?


 Today, I would like you to try and spy objects that begin with the letters (phonemes) 't' and 'p'

What can you spy with those initial letter sounds? Can you draw around the matching objects?

Communication and language:

This is the perfect opportunity to really take advantage of the extra family time together and explore the world on our doorsteps.

Here's a fun activity to try – make funny faces using natural items!

Head into your garden and collect sticks, petals, pebbles and fallen leaves.

Lay them out on the ground to make a face. Look for materials that would make good eyes, noses and mouths. Don't forget to add hair!

Click the link to have a look at an example!

Thursday 16th July

Brain gym:

 Good morning,

Let's be superheroes today as part of our morning exercise! -


Today, I would like you to see if you can spy any objects that begin with the letters 'i' and 'n'

Can you copy the sound of the letters? Can you circle all the objects you see with the matching letters?

Communication and language:

 Can you follow the instructions to make your own ladybird house?

Wider curriculum:

Here are some 'wider curriculum' activities for you to explore and enjoy over the week!

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