Sport Premium

PE Funding 2013-2014

Our school has received funding for 2013-2014 called Sports Premium. We hope to get £9,500 for the whole year although we have only received £5,671 so far.

This is what we have spent or allocated our money on for this school year:

  • Money allocated to fund after school club activities through Doncaster Rovers – supported 25 children each half term.                                                            
  • Money allocated to fund every child in KS2 to have rugby training through weekly games session for a term throughout the year (to cover PPA).
  • Also to provide a weekly after school activity for KS2 children (20 children per term.)
  • Purchase of new whole school PE scheme for ALL children throughout school; training for all staff and all resources for each class to be in place for starting in September 2014.                                                                                      
  • Buying into first class PE support from Hungerhill as part of our Trust.
  • Basketball from Danum Eagles after school provision (6 weeks) for KS1 children.
  • Purchase of CyberSmart on-line activities to use in school and access for parents at home. Regular use for cheerleading lunchtime clubs.