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Welcome to Ruby Class!

I’m Mr Schofield and I’m Deputy Headteacher. I teach in Year 5 alongside Miss Barnett. We’re called Ruby Class. This is my tenth year at Dunsville Primary School and I love it! We work incredibly hard in class and later this year we’ll post pictures of the things we’ve been up to. We’re really lucky this year to be joined by Miss Hanson who will help support our learning.

What's happening in Ruby this term...

During English this half term, we are looking at two different text genres which are: Poems and Myths. During our poetry module, children will get the chance to read and analyse a variety of poems. We will be focusing on the use of similes, which will link to Harvest. Children will have opportunities to perform different poems on their own and in groups. They will be working towards creating their own poem using similes and other devices to create imagery.
During our myths work, we will be looking at the story ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief’, which links to our topic of Ancient Greece, as well as looking at the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. The children will read and analyse the story and will use this as a model to write their own exciting myths. I am sure the children will enjoy the story of Percy Jackson as it is full of adventure and mythical creatures. We are focusing on the different characters, in hope that they will use what they have learnt to write their own character description.
There will also be daily grammar and sentence level sessions in their English lessons as well as target time where the children can practise their targets at school. It would be most beneficial if your children could also practise these at home. There will also be daily spelling sessions where the children will investigate spelling patterns and continue to develop their understanding.
Regular help at home with your child’s reading will continue to support your child’s reading and writing development.

During maths this half term, we are going to be focusing on a range of different areas. First we are looking at number, in particular with place value and the written methods for addition and subtraction. We will then move on to looking at measures where we will focus on converting between different measures and calculating area and perimeter. After this we are going to look at shape – identifying 2D shapes and angles. The children will develop their understanding of the technical vocabulary.

We will also be practising our multiplication facts and developing our mental recall skills with weekly tests.

Our focus in science this half term is Space where we will be focusing on the earth, sun and moon. The children will be looking at the solar system and creating a scale model. We will also be investigating why the earth orbits the sun and how this affects shadows before looking at the phases of the moon. The children will begin to develop their scientific language describing the solar system and the movement of the planets.

The topic for this whole term is Ancient Greece. The children will look at the Greeks’ place in history and examine the differences between the two main cities of Sparta and Athens. We will also be researching the key events of the Battle of Marathon. The children will infer what life was like in Ancient Greece by looking at a series of pictures focusing on religion, daily life, myths and warfare.

Along with history we will be looking at a geography topic. We will develop our map reading skills by looking at Greece and talking about its location. In addition to this, the children will discuss the climate and terrain of Greece and the effects this might have had on the Ancient Greeks.

During the first half term we will be looking at the story of Moses and the ten commandments.

The children will be researching Ancient Greek artefacts before completing a sketch of one of the objects they’ve found. They will then use a mixture of watercolours and ink to bring their sketch to life.

Throughout this half term the children will be focusing on the song ‘Don’t stop Believin’ by Journey. They will be learning the lyrics of the song and thinking about creating their own instrumental section.

This half term the children will have both indoor and outdoor sessions (depending on the weather) and will therefore need to bring their PE kit including trainers. PE lessons will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday this term. Year 5 will also have football coaching this term with DRFC. Children must also bring inhalers if required.
Children MUST have appropriate footwear for PE. Please make sure your child brings appropriate clothing, trainers and pumps for their lessons.

Parental support is invaluable to us at school. Spending time helping your child to research our main topics, visiting the library or sharing ideas all helps to develop your child’s educational experience. I would also like to note the importance of home reading for your child. We try hard to read with children at least twice a week and children will now be taking part in guided reading sessions. Please try to read with your child for 5-10 minutes each day. This will be really helpful for us and will help your child to improve greatly.

Your child will receive homework on a Monday to be returned to school by the following Monday. We will be setting homework to allow children to practise the work we have been doing with them in class. It is really important that your child does this work and brings it in on time.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and working together so that we have a very exciting and successful term. If you have any queries do not hesitate to come in and speak with me.

Mr Schofield


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My name is Mr Schofield and I am going to be your teacher in year 5 in September. Our class will be Ruby Class. This will be my 10th year at Dunsville Primary School and I love it! I will be Joint Deputy Headteacher next year shared with Mrs Belk. I have worked in all year groups in key stage two at Dunsville Primary.

I like to teach all subjects, but I love maths as it is really fun and I co-ordinate this across school. My other favourite subjects are art and DT, because I enjoy drawing and making things. In year 5, our topics will be the Vikings, Ancient Greece and Mountains.

At home, I spend most of my free time with my daughter, Emily, and we enjoy swimming, going to the park and building dens. I enjoy drawing and airbrushing, playing on the Xbox and reading. I also have two clownfish in a reef tank, called Fish and Chips!

I’m really looking forward to you being in my class next year and I’m sure we will have a great time together!